Tuesday, September 8, 2009

back to reality

hey ehsan? what is tht starter of msg i get from some girl mean?who is ehsan?hahahh wtv. is been so long i didt update my blog,coz of some reason.bz working while thingking what is life is all about?hahah it's funny how one minute,you can be so close to someone ,and the next minute you know them at all?weird is it.hahha naa! is not,ths what a rude people and a lie do.hahha nvm semua da berakhir sekian lame,we have our own life a dream to chase. even if we are a part will still from two difrent world,how hard to say that i dont love u,but at that moment u tell me that u want me to get along wth my life and slowly2 forget u,maybe that is the best part of us,while i m walking alone in the dark i wish that someone will lend me a light spot so that i wont get lost,and when i'm drungding in the blue ocean i hope that someone will jump and save me.but the truth is they are no one there and u are just a past time nightmare to me.u never even exist in my true world,i hate ur lies,i hate ur promises and i hat all about it,it never seem to be like use to be.i dont rili have an idea who the hell that i'm talking about,i'm talking about the person tht i dont rili know who is it?hehhehe.it suck while i'm still me.yhis is the real life.i dont evn know who are u?hahha tired of working,tired of scholl,its sucks how life crash in to me?hahha wtf just hapen,i wish that i never wakeup from my dream.everyday i wish that i never know u?n i wish that i never see u again? omg i listen to that bitch? pity me,been lie twice?everyday is a tired day coz i'm not some kinda rich boy that always waisting my papa mama money,i'm some poor boy that work for my own money lar.and hate whn u call me richboy fuckface this is me,i;m not rich like you,and i do what ever i want to do.and i think i dont rili need you to be strong,coz u are not some body anymore,fuckface. no more lies in my life no more pain in my eyes,and no more scrtch in my heart is enought the demage i gave to my self,stupit u muhd fitry b omar.get back to life and realiti it still half of a round world u see,u'll find a way and u 'll get use to it.never mind just be ur self.hahahah pity u always been hurt by serounding is suck is it,hahah ur time will come just be patient in life.come on this the time stnd up and be a man,forget the hurting past.just belive that u can do wht u want to do as long tht u are u and u have them.this is fasting month so much,much more patient pls. is just 11 days to go!!! can wait! this is me! gud bye and get the fuck out of my face!

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